Tool which made Delphi programming beside Gexpert easer. You can find it here.

Ok, here is my little fun application, sendig messages chat and SMS from Delphi using skype.

First, you have to download skype.

Install it, start it, and create / login to your account.

I will not explain every lines of code, instead, you can download source code it from here, or exe file from here.

Most of the code, I copy/pasted from Dr Bob.

Usefull link, where you can find commads you can find it here.

Also, for begging you can download Skype API Tracer.

For example to send me a message over, in tracer enter:

CHAT CREATE stanko.milosev

As a response you should get something like:

> CHAT #stanko.milosev/$someone;f1d9961217eea925 STATUS DIALOG

Now, copy  #stanko.milosev/$someone;f1d9961217eea925 where someone will be your contact name in skype, and now in tracer put something like:

OPEN CHAT #stanko.milosev/$someone;f1d9961217eea925

And next enter something like:

CHATMESSAGE #stanko.milosev/$someone;f1d9961217eea925 Hello Stanko!

And that is all folks!

if Screen.ActiveForm Application.MainForm then
// There is an opened Window which is not the MainForm  

Taken from here.


To save XML in human readable format, using OmniXML you will need these lines of code:


xml := CreateXMLDoc;
xml.PreserveWhiteSpace := False;