If you are using Microsoft drivers for connection to MS SQL 2008, and receiving this kind of error, then, you will need to download new drivers from here. After that you will need to download sqlncli.msi (you will get the link in sqlsrv_errors())

If you want to see table properties (sp_help) than in query editor just select a table you want to see properties and pres on the keyboard Alt + F1

How to get list of all tables in MS SQL Server?

 SELECT * FROM information_schema.Tables where table_type = 'BASE TABLE'

From here.

Question is how to show limited number of records on one page, like MySQL limit?

There is query which you can use like:

select * from (
  select top 10 emp_id,lname,fname from (
    select top 30 emp_id,lname,fname
    from employee
    order by lname asc) as newtbl order by lname desc
  ) as newtbl2 order by lname asc


Taken from here.

But I don't like that approach because with complicated queries things can be more complicated.

I rather took something like this:

WITH Ordered AS(
  OVER (ORDER BY OrderID) AS RowNumber, 
    OrderID, OrderDate FROM Orders

  SELECT * FROM Ordered WHERE RowNumber between 21 and 30 

Taken from here. It works only in MS SQL Server 2005 and above.

Unfortunately, WITH approach I couldn't use on dhtmlx.


With MS SQL Server 2012, we have new keyword offset fetch:

SELECT * FROM myTable 
  order by keyWord 
  offset 0 rows fetch next 5 rows only

and here is example with conditional order:

declare @myCol int = 0; 
SELECT *   FROM myTable   
order by 
case @myCol 
  when 0 then 0 
offset 25000000 rows  fetch next 5 rows only GO

from here