Install SSMS 2012 (not DB engine, only Management Studio) from:


Download BACPAC, it can be done using Visual Studio (View->Server explorer,…)


If you receive the error like:

Error SQL72014: .Net SqlClient Data Provider: Msg 468, Level 16, State 9, Procedure MyProc, Line "some number" Cannot resolve the collation conflict between "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS" and "Latin1_General_CI_AS" in the equal to operation.


Then unzip BacPac (bacpac is actually zip file), find file which has SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS, then, best is just to rename bacpac to zip, and search and replace file directly from zip, or install new instance of MS SQL, because I couldn’t find a way to change collation of the server…

SELECT as TableName, ddps.row_count as [RowCount]
FROM sys.objects so
JOIN sys.indexes si ON si.OBJECT_ID = so.OBJECT_ID
JOIN sys.dm_db_partition_stats AS ddps 
       ON si.OBJECT_ID = ddps.OBJECT_ID  AND si.index_id = ddps.index_id
WHERE si.index_id < 2  AND so.is_ms_shipped = 0
ORDER BY ddps.row_count DESC
Taken from here