I wanted to list all cursors which exist in system, and I realized that this is not so easy. So, this is only solution which I have found in Microsoft help:

private Cursor[] CursorList()
	// Make an array of all the types of cursors in Windows Forms. 
	return new Cursor[] {
		Cursors.AppStarting, Cursors.Arrow, Cursors.ArrowCD, Cursors.Cross,
		Cursors.Hand, Cursors.Help,
		Cursors.IBeam, Cursors.No, Cursors.None, Cursors.Pen,
		Cursors.SizeAll, Cursors.ScrollE, Cursors.ScrollN, Cursors.ScrollNE, Cursors.ScrollNS, Cursors.ScrollNW, Cursors.ScrollS, Cursors.ScrollSE, Cursors.ScrollSW, Cursors.ScrollW, Cursors.ScrollWE, Cursors.SizeAll,
		Cursors.SizeNESW, Cursors.SizeNS, Cursors.SizeNWSE,
		Cursors.SizeWE, Cursors.UpArrow,

private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
	foreach (var cursor in CursorList())
		this.Cursor = cursor;

As you can see first I had to write array of cursors, and then I was looping through that array, and assigning cursors.