Ok, here is my little fun application, sendig messages chat and SMS from Delphi using skype.

First, you have to download skype.

Install it, start it, and create / login to your account.

I will not explain every lines of code, instead, you can download source code it from here, or exe file from here.

Most of the code, I copy/pasted from Dr Bob.

Usefull link, where you can find commads you can find it here.

Also, for begging you can download Skype API Tracer.

For example to send me a message over, in tracer enter:

CHAT CREATE stanko.milosev

As a response you should get something like:

> CHAT #stanko.milosev/$someone;f1d9961217eea925 STATUS DIALOG

Now, copy  #stanko.milosev/$someone;f1d9961217eea925 where someone will be your contact name in skype, and now in tracer put something like:

OPEN CHAT #stanko.milosev/$someone;f1d9961217eea925

And next enter something like:

CHATMESSAGE #stanko.milosev/$someone;f1d9961217eea925 Hello Stanko!

And that is all folks!