Here are my expirience in working with NuSoap (SOAP) in PHP.

Creating simple SOAP function is simple,  so there is no need to explain.

Problems are coming when you need a complex types, like array, and UTF-8 encoding.

Here is an example of adding complex type to your SOAP server:

'Chapter', //name
'complexType', //typeClass (complexType|simpleType|attribut)
'struct', //phpType: currently supported are array and struct (php assoc array)
'all', //compositor (all|sequence|choice)
'', //restrictionBase namespace:name (
array( //elements = array ( name = array(name=>”,type=>”) )
'title' => array('name'=>'title','type'=>'xsd:string'),
'page' => array('name'=>'page','type'=>'xsd:int')
) );
'tns:Chapter' );

'author' => array('name'=>'author','type'=>'xsd:string'),
'title' => array('name'=>'title','type'=>'xsd:string'),
'numpages' => array('name'=>'numpages','type'=>'xsd:int'),
'toc' => array('name'=>'toc','type'=>'tns:ChapterArray')
) );

'getBook', // method name
array('title'=>'xsd:string'), // input parameters
('return'=>'tns:Book'), // output parameters
$NAMESPACE); // namespace

getBook($title) {
// Create TOC
$toc = array();
$toc[] = array('title' => 'Chapter One', 'page' => 1);
$toc[] = array('title' => 'Chapter Two', 'page' => 30);

// Create book
$book = array(
'author' => "Jack London",
'title' => $title,
'numpages' => 42,
'toc' => $toc);

return $book;

Taken from here.

Comments are taken from here.

Client example:


$namep = "Title";
$param = array('String_1' => $namep);

$endpoint = "http://localhost/server.php";

$mynamespace = "http://
$client = new soapclient($endpoint);

$client->decodeUTF8 = true;
$response = $client->call('
getBook', $param, $mynamespace);
print_r ($response['author']);
echo '<p/>'.$client->response;

Now, if you want to use utf - 8, you will have to in nusoap.php on line 152, instead of:

var $soap_defencoding = 'ISO-8859-1';

Add or uncomment:

var $soap_defencoding = 'UTF-8';

Also, on server side I added:

$server->decode_utf8  =  true; 

If you are using MySQL and data are encoded in Windows-1252 (like mine) then you will need to put:

mysql_query('set names utf8');

In  your server side.

I hope that is all.